Legal deposit copy of web resources


Content published on the Internet represents a part of contemporary cultural heritage. Like printed publications and non-book materials, web resources are subject to legal deposit. Due to dynamic nature of the Web, many resources are no longer available.
In order to collect and preserve this part of Croatian national heritage, the National and University Library in Zagreb has established the Croatian Web Archive, in cooperation with the University of Zagreb University Computing Centre (Srce).

Legal provisions

Publishers are legally bound to deliver to the National and University Library in Zagreb a legal deposit copy of a resource published online. In turn, the Library is legally bound to collect, process, store and provide access to the resources.

What is the Croatian Web Archive and how to access it?

The Croatian Web Archive is a system that enables collection, storage, protection and access to digital born web resources.

Online publications archived in the Croatian Web Archive constitute a part of the Library collection. Access and search are available via Library catalogue. The Archive content can also be searched on the Croatian Web Archive web site http://haw.nsk.hr
Online access to archived resources is free. If public access is denied by publisher, minimum level of access to the resource is available, i.e. one authorized user within the Library (central information service) via controlled working environment.

Types of web resources stored in the Croatian Web Archive

Digital archive stores both static and dynamic resources. These include monographic publications as well as journals, news portals, e-zines, blogs, web sites of institutions, associations, events. Resources are chosen for archiving according to the established Selection criteria for cataloguing and archiving of web resources, which pertain to content, publisher/author, resource structure, domain and format. The frequency of archiving is determined by the Library.

Informing the Library of the existence of a web resource

Using the Registration form, online publishers/authors notify the Library of the existence of a resource on the Web. By doing so, the publisher meets the requirement to deposit a legal copy of the resource, and the resource can subsequently be processed. A complete catalogue entry is made for resources previously posted on the Internet - CIP record is not created. Some types of web resources are allocated the identifiers ISSN, ISBN and ISMN.