About the Croatian Web Archive

The Croatian Web Archive is a collection of archived web resources.
The objective is to collect and permanently preserve web resources as part of the Croatian cultural heritage.
Resources are selected for archiving according to the criteria set by the National and University Library in Zagreb.
Publishers and authors of web resources notify the Library of the existence of a resource using the Registration form.
Online access to archived resources is free. If public access is denied by publisher, minimum level of access to the resource is available, i.e. one authorized user within the Library (central information service) via controlled working environment.
Archived resources are available via the Library catalogue, and the Archive web site (http://haw.nsk.hr ).


The National and University Library in Zagreb (NUL) started cataloging web resources as early as 1998. The resources were not archived and could only be accessed via their original homepage. This has resulted in the loss of many valuable web sites.

The NUL, in collaboration with the University of Zagreb University Computing Centre started the project Design of the System for Capturing and Archiving Legal Deposit of Croatian Web publications in 2003. The objective was to establish a tool for collecting and archiving the legal deposit copy of Croatian publications on the Internet while preserving, to the largest measure possible, the original contents, formats and functionalities, in order to ensure access and use in the future.
The archive is based on the concept of selective capturing of web resources. Each resource has a full level of description and is retrievable in the online catalogue. The Croatian Web Archive is integrated with the library information system and is running as a service since January 2004.

In 2010, the name Digital Archive of Web Publications was changed to the Croatian Web Archive. The new name describes more precisely the aim and purpose of archiving web resources and does not confuse the user about the scope of the service.

The collected resources complement the national collection with content of scientific or cultural significance. Digital born content is collected with particular care, as it documents the everyday stuff like social trends, popular events, and important sports competitions, political, cultural and other types of events.

Whole archive size 2,9 TB 3,4 TB 4,1 TB 5,0 TB 6,0 TB 7,4 TB 9,3 TB 12,2 TB
Number of titles 3.557 4.135 4.578 5.010 5.322 5.840 6.218 6.566
Number of copies 25.113 28.098 31.121 33.971 36.957 40.883 45.140 55.447
Number of files 81.809.540 99.582.766 115.181.646 144.385.915 173.256.035 205.986.517 243.587.705 285.897.807
Number of inactive titles 313 346 438 614 714 743 898 969
Domain distribution
hr 2600
com 609
net 151
org 111
info 55
hr 2963
com 783
net 159
org 129
info 62
hr 3252
com 898
net 174
org 146
info 65
eu 9
hr 3524
com 1019
net 185
org 161
info 71
eu 13
hr 3727
com 1081
net 200
org 169
info 75
eu 32
hr 4163
com 1132
net 200
org 183
info 77
eu 41
hr 4500
com 1159
net 196
org 190
info 77
eu 51
hr 4781
com 1193
org 199
net 197
info 83
eu 60