Terms of use

Collection of a legal deposit copy of web resources is subject to the Act on Libraries and Library Activities.

Croatian Web Archive (HAW) harvests only publicly available web resources. Majority of archived copies are copyright protected. This content is freely available and can be used in accordance with the Copyright Law provisions: the content may be used for citations, archiving on personal computer, printing, copying for personal use. However, archived content may not be further distributed, reused and used for commercial purposes without the permission of the copyright holder.

When public access is denied, minimum access level to an archived resource is allowed, i.e. one authorized user within the NUL in a controlled working environment.

Integrity of content, layout and functionality of the archived copy are not always identical to the original on the Internet due to the web page design technology used.

The publisher is in responsible for the accuracy of data in the archived resources.

The Croatian Web Archive comprises old versions of web pages whose content might be obsolete by today’s standards.