For publishers

Legal deposit of the online publications

Publishers are legally bound to deliver online publications (web pages, e-books, e-serials, etc.) to the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) as a legal deposit copy. (Act on Libraries and Library Activities, NN 17/2019, Art. 37-41).


Web publication (web resource, online publication). Electronic document made available to the public via Internet.

Publisher. Legal or natural person initiating a publication and covering the cost of its publishing. All entities posting content online are considered publishers.

Legal deposit. Legal provision mandating the author of any type of resource to deliver and provide for storage a copy of the author’s publication to a library, or similar institution.

ArchivingA process of cataloguing, harvesting and providing access to web resources.

Types of web resources catalogued and stored in the Croatian Web Archive

The Croatian Web Archive catalogues and stores web resources – portals (news, thematic, etc.), websites of institutions, associations, events, scientific projects, books, journals, etc. The resources are selected for archiving based on the established Selection criteria, related to the content, publisher, resource structure, domain and resource format. The frequency of archiving is determined by NSK.

How to notify the NSK of the existence of a web resource?

Using  the registration formonline publishers/authors of web resources notify the NSK of the existence of a resource on the web. By doing so, the publisher meets the requirement to deposit a legal copy of the resource, and the resource can subsequently be processed. 


Croatian Web Archive (HAW) harvests only publicly available web resources. Majority of archived copies are copyright protected. This content is freely available and can be used in accordance with the Copyright Law provisions: the content may be used for citations, archiving on personal computer, printing, copying for personal use. However, archived content may not be further distributed, reused and used for commercial purposes without the permission of the copyright holder.

When public access is denied, minimum access level to an archived resource is allowed, i.e. one authorized user within the NSK in a controlled working environment.


Logo. The publisher is authorized to post on their website the logo which indicates that the resource has been stored in the Croatian Web Archive, as a direct link to the Croatian Web Archive website.