What is the Croatian Web Archive?

A system for collecting and archiving legal deposit copies of web resources. The HAW was established in the September 2004.

Why is my archived copy of the resource not identical to the original on the web?

Crawl quality is directly determined by the technology used when creating a web homepage.

What are the settings of the Croatian Web Archive crawler?

During domain and thematic crawls our crawler is assigned the IP address and it identifies itself as Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; heritrix/3.4.x; +http://haw.nsk.hr/faq). During selective archiving the crawler is assigned the IP address and it identifies itself as Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SrceDAMP/4.2.2; +http://haw.nsk.hr/faq). The crawler has been set to ignore the robots.txt protocol.

Please set your website to allow our crawler access to your website content.

What can I do in case the crawler interferes with the stability of my web server?

If you detect any unexpected activity please contact us at damp@srce.hr and indicate dates of access, crawler identification and describe the problem(s) in as much detail as possible.

What is stored in the Croatian Web Archive?

A collection of selected web resources pertaining to institutions, associations, clubs, events, scientific projects, bodies of public administration, e-newspapers, portals, journals, books, articles.

What is not stored in the Croatian Web Archive?

Content posted online prior to 2004, pages with exclusively commercial content, web pages of companies and businesses, pages under construction, resources distributed exclusively via e-mail, personal pages, computer games, resources or parts of resources not possible to archive due to method of their creation.

How do I find a title in the Croatian Web Archive?

Archived resources are available at http://haw.nsk.hr and can be searched by title, URL, key words and topic. Each resource is described in the NSK catalogue and available via Library’s WebPAC  (http://katalog.nsk.hr).

My resource is not publicly available, can it be archived?

Please complete the Registration Form; archiving and terms of access are agreed on a case to case basis with each publisher individually.

How frequently is my publication archived?

The library determines the frequency of archiving, subject to priority status of the resource for a wider user community, and the importance of change in the content and technical details of the resource. Very large databases (over 500MB) are archived less frequently.

Will the users not be confused to see both the archived copy and the original on the web?

A caption reading archived copy is placed on top of each archived copy. The archived copy is posted on the Internet address starting with https://haw.nsk.hr/arhiva.

How Google searches archived publications?

Search engines indexes the Croatian Web Archive homepage, not archived copies of publications.

How do I notify the NSK of the existence of my publication on the Internet?

Using  the Registration form, online publishers/authors of web resources notify the NSK of the existence of a resource on the web. By doing so, the publisher meets the requirement to deposit a legal copy of the resource, and the resource can subsequently be processed and archived.

Can a web resource be assigned ISSN or ISBN?

For assignment of the ISSN, ISBN, or ISMN identifiers, it is necessary to send a request to the relevant offices in Croatia.

Which data should be indicated on the resource, and where?

Title, author or editor, name and seat of the publisher, and date of publishing on the web should be indicated on the cover, or in the impressum.

How do I obtain CIP for my web resource?

Prior to cataloging and archiving in HAW, the resource must already be published on the Internet. Web resources are not assigned CIP – a full catalogue record is made immediately.